"On his third album as a leader, Brown mines his personal history with Black music and his own life journey to send ripples of positivity that light our way to redemption."

—Cree McCree

4 Stars! Downbeat Magazine


WRTI's Jazz Album of the Week!

-Matt Silver



"There’s an energy flow throughout the album enhanced by the excellent sequencing, Brown’s demanding compositions and arrangements contrast with passages of beauty and deep soul. The level of musicianship and interplay between the core trio is positively terrifying at times."

-Adam Sieff

London Jazz News


"Brown’s arrangements and compositions surprises me in lovely ways, like opening presents on Christmas morning; you never know what you’ll get, but it’s always sweet.  I will be listening to this album time and time again."

-Dee Dee McNeil

Dee Dee McNeil's Musical Memoirs blog


"Spontaneous, inventive, breaking through a few flamboyant solos, Keith Brown shows an undeniable personality."

-Jean-Pierre Vidal

Jazz Magazine, July 2021


"At a time when Randy Weston, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea have successively disappeared, this new ivory prodigy comes at the right time to take up the torch with enthusiasm, respect and determination.....as dazzling and refreshing as a new dawn, an event record!"



-Patrick Dallongeville, May 6th 2021

Keith Brown Trio - African Ripples Review                                                                                                                           


"Pianist-composer-bassist-educator Keith Brown gives listeners a strong mix of creative and complex modern jazz with some rich introspective songs. Whether he's playing piano or organ, his power as a keyboard artist is evident."
-Tom Henry
The Blade

"The overall piano style has elements of many different artist... His phrasing like Chick Corea... and spiced with something like (Kenny) Kirkland is impressive." 4 Stars
-Toyoshi Narita
Jazz and Drummer September 2015

"Keith Brown gives us an album that happily combines tradition and modernism. Omnipresent, blends blues here to odd metrics, to hip hop or reggae rhythms and promote the swing groove."
-Pierre De Chocqueuse Jazz Magazine October 2015
Jazz Magazine October 2015

"I like keyboardist like Geoff Keezer, Kenny Kirkland, George Duke you know people that can do it all....Bebop, Gospel, Funk, Straight ahead, modern jazz and Keith is one of those musicians that can do all of those things."
-Terreon "Tank" Gully

"His first recording reveals a healthy imagination and an ear for deft arrangements. He plays with remarkable poise and feeling. He has a great respect for the jazz tradition but also a mind that is present and forward looking. On Sweet and Lovely he is more than ably assisted and surrounded by other young whizzes who play with astounding maturity and musicality. I am proud of what Keith has accomplished and I admire his involvement in music. I am sure that he is one that will make a tremendous contribution to the continuum of jazz and particularly jazz piano".
-Mulgrew Miller

"Keith Brown is a phenomenal player! He has a great grasp on the language of the jazz piano masters and an ability to come from many directions; from hard swing to funk to free. Keith has developed his own original voice. He is also an in depth ballad player, and a player who can easily navigate the complicated rhythmic & harmonic vocabularies of modern jazz. In other words, Keith is a player that has it all. His CD, Sweet & Lovely, is an auspicious debut that proves that he is a player to watch".
-Greg Tardy

"In all, one of the most enjoyable debut albums for quite a while".
-Jack Massarik- The London Evening Standard June 2011

"Over my career as a teacher, I've been blessed and fortunate to have taught many great pianists such as Cyrus Chestnut, Danilo Perez, Matt Fries, and many others. As a teacher and father I am so proud to add my son Keith to the list. He is a pianist of many talents as well as a good bassist. I am sure he will become one of the important pianist and composers of the next generation".
-Donald Brown

"A very sure Technique - to touch of a perfect legibility, sense of the melody, of nuances and dynamics, left hand assured - in the service of an already asserted musical personality…."
- Jacques Aboucaya- Mai Magazine

"….safe and accurate technique, phrasing, concise and powerful on its own themes…"
-Romain Grosman- Jazz News